The new education board is being created in Mymensingh by the new education board

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  Published:  31 August 2017, 01:55 PM

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The country’s ninth education board is Mymensingh. These gazettes are published on Monday (August 28th) by the Ministry of Secondary and Higher Education of the Ministry of Education. Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid told the information on Wednesday (30 August). He said, ‘Mymensingh has been made a separate education board. The Gazette has already been published on Monday.

This education ministry has announced the ninth education board of Mymensingh. The new Education Board has broken down the Dhaka Education Board in the previous eight education boards.

It has been stated that new education board has been set up for the control, supervision, and development of secondary and higher secondary education organizations of these four districts – Mymensingh, Netrokona, Sherpur, and Jamalpur.

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