New ‘Vogue Ayurved’ service in Vogue Lifestyle Lounge!

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  Published:  15 July 2018, 11:37 AM

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Vogue Lifestyle Lounge brings a new service named Vogue Ayurved. This world famous organic healing service will be given in Jamuna Future Park. The service started from Monday, 9th of July. Advocate Salma Islam inaugurated the service as the Chief Guest. Apu Biswas was the Special Guest for the event.


The services of Vogue Lifestyle Lounge include: Medicated oil deep for head, full body massage, rejuvenation massage, Ayurveda forehand massage, full body herbal powder bundle massage, full body herbal leaves potli massage, full body oil bath, obesity treatment body, back pain treatment, special heart treatment, knee pain treatment, special nose treatment, special eye treatment, foot massage, head massage, ayurved facial, migraine headache treatment.

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