Road to traffic on Dhaka-Tangail highway, extreme woe

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  Published:  28 August 2017, 10:31 AM

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Dhaka-Tangail highway stopped at different points of Gazipur from Saturday, and the intense traffic jams started. The traffic congestion continued till Monday morning.

Due to the violent road blockade in different parts of the highway, traffic congestion, illegal auto rickshaw, vehicle overtake and excessive traffic pressure caused the traffic congestion. Passengers and transport workers are suffering from this.

In the morning there was a traffic congestion, in the afternoon the traffic began in the other part. Under the pressure of the animal and trucks and trucks, the twitching of the road in Chandra and Safipura is being revised. The vehicles have to stop working at those places. As a result, the traffic congestion continues.

The traffic is going on from Kannabari Upazila of Kaliakoir upazila and about 5 kilometers from Chandra to Kabirpur Upazila of Kaliakair-Nabinagar road.

Police have been deployed at several points in Kaliakair Upazila of the highway to resolve the traffic congestion. But they could not be seen to play any role. However, truck and lorry on the road were most noticed.

Passengers and transport workers are trapped in traffic jams. As a result, the passengers and transport workers traveling on the highway are feared to suffer more due to this Eid.

Hassan Ali, the driver of the transport truck, said that the road has traffic congestion every day. Who will be the vehicle before the traffic and overtake due to traffic congestion Going from Gorai, leaving Konabari.

Only half an hour road has reached Shafipur in three hours. Kaliakair Police Station Officer-in-Charge Rafiqul Islam said Kaliakair police station relentlessly working with the Highway Police to work out the traffic congestion.

Police line ramping vehicles on the road with a motorcycle. Hopefully, the traffic congestion will decrease slightly

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