The beginning of the holy Hajj is going on Today

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  Published:  31 August 2017, 11:47 AM

Staff Reporter: >>>> The guests of God’s house will feel in the wilderness of Arafah today. Where he says in the middle of the honey – ‘Nahanu Akrabu Ilaihi Min Hubbleil Warid. (Kaf, Ayat-16). Meaning- O my beloved servant, I am with your Sha Harga.
So today, in the field of Arafah, the feeling of the Lord of the universe, the feeling of love will be the boyfriend. From the beginning of the ceremony of the pilgrimage of the Hajj. Hajj pilgrims coming from Mecca and Medina will begin the journey of the holy Hajj for five days starting from the tent in Mina before the sunset before sunset. Mina will be flushed in the sound of ‘Labbaiyak Allahumma labbaiq’.

Millions of Hajj from all over the world will sit in the Arafat grounds from sunrise to sunset. In the hope of getting closer to Allah by wearing Ihram, the voice of two million Haji will be voiced, ‘Bangla’, ‘Labbaik Allahumma Labike, Labeek La Sharsika Lalka Labike, Innal Hamda Waniani Mother Laka Walakum’. O Allah, I appeared. You have no partner. All praise and favors are only yours. All empires are yours. ‘

Before the Zuhr prayer of the Grand Imam Arafat Maidan of Makkah, read the Khutba. Then, between the days of Zuhr and ‘Aasr, Hajis will offer some Salat with Jamaat. Until sunset, they will remain on the grounds of Arafat and will remain in the place of Allah. After the sunset, the pilgrims leave destination for Mujdalifa. When they appear there, they will rest at the end of the preparation of Maghrib and Esha prayers. Collect stones from Muzdalifa and return to the next 10 Zillahj on September 1st, Miyanah.

After reaching Meina on the second day of the next 10 Zil hajj, Hajj, the pilgrims had to complete four tasks in phases. At first, the pilgrims standing on the right side of the tower and throw Satan (Jamara) stones. The second task is to sacrifice animals for Allah. If many people do not go to Mecca, they return to Mecca and sacrifice animals. In the third part of the head will be fixed. The fourth job is to live in Tawaf. The pilgrims will go back to Mecca, returning to Mecca by performing Kaaba Sharif ‘Tawaf’ and ‘Sa’i (running seven times around the Kaaba and walking seven times in Sabah-Marwa Hills).

On the third day of the Hajj 11 Zillhaj, on Saturday, in the period from midday till sunrise till midnight, the pilgrims would throw seven stones on large, medium and small satans. And this is done in the circumcision process. The next day, 12 Zilhaj stayed in Mina on Sunday, and similarly, the pilgrims would throw stones at three devils. Many people left Meena and went to Mecca before sunset when the devil was throwing stones. And after reaching Mecca a Pilgrim left the work. That is the Kaaba Sharif Tawaf. This is called Tawafah. Hajj pilgrims will perform the pilgrimage by returning to the returning Tawaf of Kabah, seven times without locals.

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