Two Novels to be Published in ‘Amar Ekushey Boi Mela 2018’ By Young Writer Sadar Uddin

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  Published:  04 February 2018, 10:05 AM

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A Loved Novel by Mohammed Sadar Uddin. Mohammed Sadar Uddin wrote the manuscripts for Iccher Himalaya (Desire of mountain) his First novel, in the summer of 2017. He wrote it in Abu Dhabi.


The novel was inspired by Contemporary Global human interaction and Life experience. Although the story is largely fictional, certain parts were based on real experiences. Above all the story conveyed the true romance. The path of life and romance is not so easy for this story character.


The story starts with an over-ambitious rising writer. He Just wants the seek the attention of all. To reach his goal he has fallen in a critical situation by the Political crisis. The writes fallen love with a beautiful girl who is very humble and icon of simplicity.


The suspense of story is the humble girl become a revel and brave in order to save her love of life. But the writer is not only the person in her life. So who is the Man she wants to save?


There are Many turn and twist in the story. Which readers will enjoy without any attempt. The Writer narrates all the character so beautifully in the story. Which you may feel you are one of those.


An Aesthetic Poetry of Mohammed Sadar Uddin


This poetry is a life-soaked, terrifying journey into a troubled man’s world. Mohammed Sadar Uddin’s Poetry “Shopno Shohosori” (Dreams Company) is a brief volume of honest reflections that seems to occupy a spiritual space between lost innocence and purgatory.


This collection offers insights into the struggles of a life lived in the self-described “hood” not often written about in such an untechnical and unfiltered way. This volume is a life-soaked, terrifying journey into a troubled man’s world.


Such approaches feel forced, almost as if the poet is actually wearing a poet’s mask. These impressions do, however, make an interesting counterpoint to the other masks that the poet is shown to have worn—those of hustler, con man, husband, and true lover.


All the poem are written beautifully and through from heart. Obviously, everyone says that about their book, but in here the difference is Writer Mohammed Sadar Uddin thought of mind has reflected in every word – which will take a massive space in every reader’s heart.


Writer Intro:
Mohammed Sadar Uddin a Very Talented young star of Bengali Literature. Since school hood, he has interest in literature. As of part of life all the human has worked and due to that the destiny brings him go abroad, but his Literature dream was faded. As we know that lights can not control by any curtain, He also as same and his talent of light has risen. In the year of 2017 National Book fair “Amar Ekusehy Boi Mela” his first Poetry was published (Ashru Nahorey Jol), which was hugely appreciated by Poem lover. He becomes on Spotlight of many Readers.


Education: He has been studied from G.M.Hat High School, Heshakhal Bazar High School, Feni Government College & Jogonnath University.

Writers Others Books: The young talented Writers others books are as follows * Ashru Nahorey Jol (Poetry), Iccher Himaloy (Novel).

Birth: He was born in Comilla district’s, Laksam Upazila.

Book to be found: The National Book Exhibition 2018,

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