‘So many patients are coming, where will they keep their files?’

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  Published:  28 August 2017, 01:00 PM

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Chikungunya fever but patients suffer from acute pain. Patients suffer from pain in every part of the body. About 85 percent of people suffering from arthritis or knee pain in chikungunya To give treatment to these patients, on 13th August, Arthritis Clinic for Chikungunya patients was introduced in Out-Department-1 at New Bhaban of the Rheumatology Department of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University. The doctors of the clinic are now struggling to give treatment to the patient. A doctor said, “So many patients are coming, where will they keep their files? That’s what they are thinking.”

On Sunday (August 27th), Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University was talking to Fatima Rahman (55) in the four-bedroom outpost. He said, ‘Fast fever, severe pain along with it the next day after the Eid festival. It seemed as if I broke my hands and legs. However, after five days the fever began to decrease, after two days, it decreased altogether. But there is no shortage of pain, the same pain is going on day after day. “Fatema said,” I was admitted to a private hospital in the capital for several days. But no one can save the pain. ‘

Not only Fatema Begum, she is from Selina Begum (42), Samia Khatun (34) and Sharifa Begum Kana (45), who came from West Jurain. They all came here for the treatment of Chirungania for Arthritis pain.
The number of patients in front of the number 410 is seen in the outlet of the number one building. Many people are sitting in the front chair of the room. It is known that all of them came here for the doctor’s advice.

Selina Begum, who came from West Zurain, said she had been chikungunya for three times since the eid one week ago. Each time the fever is removed, the suffering is left. Her legs are still swollen, gynaecological pain. He said, “I can not move after I wake up in the morning. I can not wash water after washing clothes. Deaf hand, can not be handmade. Can not sit on the floor, sit in the bathroom. After sitting for a long time, walking or standing can not be fever or enemy. ‘

The hospital can be seen in the designated room, where duty doctors are divided into two tables. The whole room is filled with patients.
On duty doctor Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical Sigma Hossain told the Bengali Tribune, “I can not finish the patient seeing – so many patients are coming. From 10am to 1pm every Saturday from Thursday to Thursday, at least 10 doctors are being treated after the pain of Chikungunya patients. But now that many patients are coming to where they will put their files – that is our thinking.

Sigma Hossain said, ‘Many people did not know about this clinic before, so the patient’s pressure was less. But as long as the day goes on, the crowd is growing here. Every day is also the end of time, but the patient does not end. So we are forced to work every day until the patient is finished. ‘
Dean of Faculty of Medicine at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University ABM Abdullah told the Bangla Tribune, “If patients are required to take medicines after the chronic diseases of Chikungunya, then they must consult a doctor. No medicines can be eaten by itself. And if the pain is too much, it can be given by ice. Besides, plenty of water and water should be eaten. ‘
If you want to know about the patients after chikungunya, then the case of preventive medicine specialist Dr. Lelein Chowdhury told the Bangla Tribune that, “Chikungunya can continue with the next pain or sometimes it comes back with the gap.” In this case, you have to be hot in place of pain. Bathe in light mildew hot water. If the pain is not severe then only paracetamol can eat the tablet but if the pain is acute, then you must go to the doctor. ‘
Many people are taking physiotherapy without consulting the doctor for pain, he said. Lelein Chowdhury said, “It can never be determined manually whether to take physiotherapy. Because, in many cases, the pain of wrong physiotherapy can increase in the opposite. “If the pain is not recommended to stay in the rest, then Dr. Lenin Chowdhury

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